CROSSVALUE Chain to Launch Mainnet Beta on February 20, 2024

CROSSTECH DMCC (Headquartered in Dubai, UAE, Co-Founder: Tokuro Uhara), developer of the next generation blockchain cloud, CROSSVALUE Chain, will launch a beta version of the mainnet of CROSSVALUE Chain ("Mainnet Beta") on February 20, 2024.

CROSSVALUE Chain Features

The CROSSVALUE Chain is built as a blockchain cloud that can be used by enterprise, financial, and government organizations, with the robustness of the protocol being proven by peer-reviewed papers in the IEEE, a US-based society in the electrical and information fields.

The CROSSVALUE Chain is a layer 1 blockchain integrating on-chain storage with proprietary consensus algorithms and smart contracts. On-chain storage enables "Non-Fungible Data" guaranteeing consistency and uniqueness of data and tokens. In addition, the persistence of data with the on-chain storage enables storage and inheritance of data that cannot be tampered with or lost, or data with asset value. In addition, the CROSSVALUE Chain has mechanisms at the protocol level to handle severe use cases. The ability to recover from remittance errors provides users with the equivalent of a bank recombination, implemented on the application side. It also allows anyone to participate in the consensus of the chain, making it energy efficient, massively decentralized, and difficult to tamper with the transaction history.

The CROSSVALUE Chain is designed to be trusted and used by ecosystem participants such as enterprise, financial, and government institutions. In the initial stages of the mainnet, the network will be comprised primarily of enterprises and public administrations that actually use the nodes, as well as crypto asset users.

Details for Mainnet Beta Launch

The CROSSVALUE Chain will launch its mainnet beta on February 20, 2024. Participation in the mainnet beta will be permission-based and open to partners who have already committed to providing applications for the CROSSVALUE Chain. Partners will be able to deploy their tokens on the CROSSVALUE Chain and offer their services to the general public. Current partners include Senet, the world's largest web3 skills gaming platform.

XCR, the native token of the CROSSVALUE Chain, will not be distributed to the public during the beta phase and will be released after the official mainnet launch. In addition, a small amount of XCR will be distributed from genesis block reserves to pay for gas fees incurred by partners in the mainnet beta use.

In preparation for the launch of the mainnet beta, CROSSTECH will announce the final version of the tokenomics and whitepaper, as well as our partners.

Recruiting New Business Partners

CROSSTECH is in constant search for new business partners to operate CROSSVALUE Chain storage nodes and deploy applications on the CROSSVALUE Chain. For those interested in operating a node and using our mainnet beta, please contact us at the following email address:



The CROSSVALUE Chain aims to be a new age blockchain cloud integrating a layer 1 blockchain with features essential for tokenization of Real World Assets (RWAs) and autonomous decentralized storage to ensure data persistence. The CROSSVALUE Chain enables the integration of tokens and associated data, which is difficult to achieve with existing blockchains, and solves the risk of hacking when transferring or storing tokens on-chain at the protocol level. CROSSVALUE Chain will facilitate the introduction of blockchain-based financial and enterprise-grade services.


CROSSTECH DMCC is an IT development company based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates which oversees the CROSSVALUE Chain development project with members from 9 countries. CROSSTECH's development covers fintech related to blockchain, including proprietary blockchain development, training systems, and liquidity offerings.