Takahisa Karita Appointed as Strategic Advisor for the CROSSVALUE Chain

CROSSTECH DMCC (Headquartered in Dubai, UAE, Co-founder: Tokuro Uhara), developer of next generation blockchain cloud, CROSSVALUE Chain, is pleased to announce the appointment of Takahisa Karita, leader of UNIPLAT, an SDGs research and business support platform, as its new strategic advisor.

Background and Purpose of Appointment as Advisor

CROSSTECH is developing the CROSSVALUE Chain, a blockchain cloud combining a layer 1 blockchain with autonomous decentralized on-chain storage, with a focus on tokenization of real-world assets (RWAs). To expand the use of the cloud, we need to attract entrepreneurs and developers to deploy their businesses and applications. To this end, CROSSVALUE Chain has launched an accelerator program and aims to expand its ecosystem and enrich its participants through cooperation with Karita and with UNIPLAT.

With 28 years of entrepreneurial experience in education, IT, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and finance, Karita's extensive knowledge of the CROSSVALUE Chain is expected to facilitate its adoption by businesses outside of web3, where it is essential to collaborate with other business sectors. Karita currently serves on the Forbes Business Council and is a co-founder of Unify Platform AG, a Swiss company and operator of UNIPLAT. UNIPLAT supports entrepreneurs and researchers with members from 135 countries and has many resources to support and promote innovation. UNIPLAT will differentiate itself from other platforms by generating significant synergies with the CROSSVALUE Chain, hence the reasoning for this appointment.

Profile: Takahisa Karita

Takahisa is a Japanese serial entrepreneur with extensive experience in business alliances and business development, and has been involved in business cooperation and development in various fields in Japan, Asia, Europe, and the United States. He has developed many projects with expertise in education, IT, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and finance. One example of his current projects is serving as CFO and General Manager of Overseas Business Development for CDTEC, a well-known educational technology company that operates a platform supporting more than 5,000 kindergartens in mainland China. He is also a board member of the SDG Alliance Department of the EU Tech Chamber (EUTECH) established by the European Union, an advisory board member of the Tsangs Group, a traditional family office in the UK and Hong Kong since the early 1950s, and a former Deputy Commissioner of the FDA. He is also an advisory board member of S2P Prosperity, a U.S. infection control SaaS developed and founded by a former Deputy Commissioner of the FDA, and co-founder of Unify Platform AG, a Swiss company that develops and operates UNIPLAT, an online platform to support entrepreneurs and researchers. He is also an official member of the Asian CEO community. Further, he is an official member of the Asian CEO Community, a member of the International Advisory Board of Al-Khalifa Business School, an official member of the ASEAN CEO CLUB, and an advisory board member of the Research Innovation Team (RIT) of the International Federation of Inventors (IFIA).

In addition, he has also been featured in "Japan's Most Influential Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2022" by APAC Entrepreneur, "The Top 10 Business Leaders to Watch in the World in 2023" by International Business Times, "The Industry's Leaders in 2023" by Unified Brainz, "The Voice of Brilliance 2023" by Brilliance Magazine, and "The Year 2024" by International Association of Top Professionals (IAOTP), Top Serial Entrepreneurs of 2024" by the International Association of Top Professionals (IAOTP).

Comments from Takahisa:

“I am very honored to support the CROSSVALUE Chain team led by Professor Takahashi, a world authority on blockchain technology. I have been in contact with the team since the pre-launch development stage of UNIPLAT, and we have been working together to commercialize the technology with a high sense of social contribution. The CROSSVALUE Chain has the potential to become the next generation's digital infrastructure for surviving in this age of VUCA and environmental change. Through the CROSSVALUE Chain, I hope the younger generation will be able to realize a society where they can permanently envision and realize their dreams.”


The CROSSVALUE Chain aims to be a new age blockchain cloud integrating a layer 1 blockchain with features essential for tokenization of Real World Assets (RWAs) and autonomous decentralized storage to ensure data persistence. The CROSSVALUE Chain enables the integration of tokens and associated data, which is difficult to achieve with existing blockchains, and solves the risk of hacking when transferring or storing tokens on-chain at the protocol level. CROSSVALUE Chain will facilitate the introduction of blockchain-based financial and enterprise-grade services.


CROSSTECH DMCC is an IT development company based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates which oversees the CROSSVALUE Chain development project with members from 9 countries. CROSSTECH's development covers fintech related to blockchain, including proprietary blockchain development, training systems, and liquidity offerings.