Hinza Asif, President of Asia Web3 Alliance Japan, Appointed as Strategic Alliance Advisor for CROSSVALUE Chain

CROSSTECH DMCC (Headquartered in Dubai, UAE, Co-founder: Tokuro Uhara), developer of the next generation blockchain cloud, CROSSVALUE Chain, is pleased to announce Hinza Asif, President of Asia Web3 Alliance Japan (AWAJ), which has board members in 48 countries, has been appointed to the position of Strategic Alliance Adviser.

Background and Purpose of Appointment as Strategic Alliance Adviser

In addition to representing AWAJ, Hinza Asif founded NFTStudio24, a web3 media company in 2021, and has fueled the expansion of its business globally by familiarizing client needs through her connections with various web3 companies. Hinza Asif shares the vision of what the CROSSVALUE Chain is trying to achieve and has brought partnership opportunities to CROSSTECH on numerous occasions prior to the launch of AWAJ.

With her appointment, CROSSVALUE Chain will work together to further strengthen the support she has provided to date, accelerate infrastructure development in Asia, and enrich the ecosystem of participants.

Profile: Hinza Asif

Born in Pakistan, she currently resides in Japan. She has eight years of experience in the media industry and founded NFTStudio24 in 2021 with the aim of connecting the world and Japan in the areas of web3 and blockchain. In 2023 she organized the prestigious web3 conferences in the Stablecoin Summit 2023 and the Metaverse Spectrum Conference & Expo 2023. In the same year, she also founded AWAJ, a web3 industry association to bridge the Asian web3 ecosystem with Japan promoting collaboration and innovation. Her mission is to "bridge the gap between all stakeholders, build valuable connections, and foster growth and collaboration within the web3 industry with a focus on Japan and Asia," and remains at the forefront of the web3 industry to make this happen.

Comments by Hinza Asif:

“Joining an alliance that aligns so closely with my personal mission was an easy decision. It is an honor to join CROSSVALUE Chain Alliance as Strategic Alliance Adviser. CROSSVALUE Chain is building the next generation of tokenizing real-world assets in a decentralized infrastructure. I believe It is one of the most revolutionary blockchains in Japan. As a Strategic Alliance Adviser, my goal is to onboard maximum international companies to increase the utilization of CROSSVALUE Chain, and also to help them expand into Japanese business by opening doors to collaboration. I’m so excited to share new prospects with CROSSVALUE Chain Alliance.”


CROSSVALUE Chain is a new era blockchain cloud which integrates a layer 1 blockchain with features essential for tokenization of Real World Assets (RWAs) and autonomous decentralized storage to ensure data persistence. The CROSSVALUE Chain enables the integration of tokens and associated data, which is difficult to achieve with existing blockchains, and solves the risk of hackings when transferring or storing tokens on-chain at the protocol level. It aims to facilitate the introduction of blockchain-based financial and enterprise-grade services.


CROSSTECH DMCC is an IT development company based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates that oversees the CROSSVALUE Chain development project with members from 9 countries. CROSSTECH's development covers the fintech sector related to blockchain, including proprietary blockchain development, training systems, and liquidity provision.