CROSSTECH Joins Asia Web3 Alliance Japan as Board Member, Connecting to Asian Web3 Ecosystem and the Japanese Businesses

CROSSTECH DMCC (HQ: Dubai, UAE, Co-Founder: Tokuro Uhara), developer of the CROSSVALUE Chain, a proprietary public chain integrating autonomous decentralized storage enabling tokenization and permanent data storage of any physical asset, has joined the Asia Web3 Alliance Japan (Location: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Representative: Hinza Asif), an alliance established to connect the Asian Web3 ecosystem with the Japanese business environment. Takehito Nakanishi, BizDev/Co-Founder, and Yuma Tanimoto, CSO/Co-Founder, have been appointed to the Alliance's Board of Directors and Advisory Board members, respectively.

About Asia Web3 Alliance Japan (AWAJ)

AWAJ is a platform focused on contributing to the development and adoption of blockchain technology by connecting the Asian Web3 ecosystem with Japanese businesses. It is built on three principles: ethical innovation, collaboration, and inclusiveness.

The platform serves as a strategic partner to bridge the Asian and Japanese markets, supporting members and providing expertise and facilitating a profitable Web3 business. We welcome interested members from all over the world to join us. Support includes assistance with Web3 market entry, advisory and business networking in pursuit of cross-border synergy, policy advocacy, and facilitation of connections with stakeholders.

Official AWAJ Web site: https://asiaweb3alliance.jp/

Nakanishi and Tanimoto of CROSSTECH appointed to AWAJ Board of Directors and Advisory Committee

From CROSSTECH, Takehito Nakanishi and Yuma Tanimoto have been appointed as a board member and advisory committee member, respectively.

With the participation of Nakanishi and Tanimoto, CROSSTECH will contribute to AWAJ's vision to promote blockchain technology and expand business opportunities in the Japanese and Asian markets.

Through the CROSSVALUE Chain, CROSSTECH will also support AWAJ's Asia strategy and facilitate further attraction of ecosystem partners, businesses, and application developers.

Future Development of CROSSTECH and AWAJ

CROSSTECH will accelerate the adoption of the CROSSVALUE Chain across Asia, including Japan, by deepening its collaboration with AWAJ, which has established partnerships in more than 47 countries and is building alliances with companies and individuals operating globally at the forefront of blockchain. By leveraging these networks, we will contribute to the creation of new value in the Asian market, and together with AWAJ, will open up the future of Web3.