Dr. Hironao Takahashi, Chief Architect of CROSSVALUE Chain, Gives Presentation on "Voting Blockchain Secure Wallet" at the IEEE International Conference GCCE2023

On October 11, 2023. Hironao Takahashi, Ph.D., Chief Architect of CROSSVALUE Chain (CVC) being developed by CROSSTECH, has been recognized for his paper on strong security wallets using escrow accounts being accepted for presentation at the GCCE 2023, an international conference sponsored by the IEEE. The IEEE is the world's largest academic research organization in the field of electrical and information engineering.

Paper Title: High Secure Mobile Wallet for Token Transfer Using Escrow Account on PoA Voting Blockchain


At the conference, Dr. Takahashi presented his originally developed mobile wallet technology, which received a great response from technical researchers around the world.

This technology, which is also implemented in the CROSSVALUE Chain (CVC), selects multiple voters from any wallet (node) connected to the network in taking a consensus on a transaction, where the token is held by the escrow node until confirmation is obtained. This allows the system to maintain a very high level of security, avoiding remittance errors.

Dr. Takahashi's paper on CVC-related technologies was accepted for publication on March 16, 2023, and this is his fifth paper accepted for publication, following "Implementation of Smart Contract on Autonomous Decentralized Voting Blockchain.”

We consider it a great achievement for our company to have received such high recognition from the world's largest academic conference of pioneers in research and technology development in the fields of electrical and electronic engineering.

IEEE International Conference GCCE 2023:
The Global Conference on Consumer Electronics (GCCE) is an international conference organized by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), where the latest advances and trends in research, development, design, manufacturing and applications related to consumer electronics are discussed.

The conference is a forum for discussion of the latest advances and trends in research, development, design, manufacturing, and applications related to consumer electronics. The conference serves as a platform for professionals from industry and academia to come together, exchange innovative technologies and solutions, and share challenges and directions in the next generation of consumer electronics.


CVC Team