CROSSTECH Enters into Strategic Partnership with Isis Committee, a Non-Profit Organization, and Japan Academic Records Corporation for the Use of Blockchain in the Arab and African Regions

CROSSTECH DMCC (HQ: Dubai, UAE; Co-founder: Tokuro Uhara), developer of the CROSSVALUE Chain which is a blockchain enabling the management and issuance of true digital assets, is pleased to announce its partnership with Isis Committee, a non-profit organization with strong connections to Egypt (Africa) and the Arab world (HQ: Shinjuku, Tokyo; President: Shoji Arai), for the dissemination of a CROSSVALUE Chain’s established system in the Arab and African regions.

Isis Committee, a non-profit organization, has been planning, proposing exhibitions, planning and attracting exhibitions and world heritage sites to museums, art galleries and similar facilities that have been established as centers of cultural transmission in order to build a cross-cultural society in Japan in the globalizing world.

Japan Academic Records Inc. has been engaged in video documentation, production and programming related to world archaeology, with a focus on the four major civilizations, for over 30 years. As a result of these achievements, Isis Committee, a non-profit organization, and Japan Academic Records Inc. have been invited by the Arab and African Women's Investment Association (https://www.awiu.net), an international organization whose members include the President of the Arab Republic of Egypt and other heads of state from the Arab and African countries, to participate in the "Arab and African Women's Investment Association" (AAWIA). The partnership will serve as a bridge for cultural and economic exchange and economic development between the Arab-African region and Asia-Japan.

Isis Committee, a non-profit organization, and Japan Academic Records Inc. will form a business alliance with CROSSTECH to introduce the CROSSVALUE Chain to dozens of countries in the Arab and African region through their strategic partner, the Arab and African Women's Investment Association.

Alliances and Recommendations
1. The introduction of the CROSSVALUE Chain by the Arab-African Women's Investment Association to the Arab-African region will create opportunities for economic development by issuing a common digital currency, promoting joint business and investment, and creating opportunities for economic development.

2. The introduction of the CROSSVALUE Chain and the establishment of a system will promote the visualization of Arab and African countries, which are said to be difficult to understand, clarify the strengths of each country that are not found in other countries, create opportunities for cooperation and mutual support, especially in countries that are said to be a treasure trove of resources, and establish a base for the dissemination of business information.

CROSSVALUE Chain Development in the Arab and African Regions
The Arab-African region has a population of nearly 2 billion, more than 50 countries, abundant natural resources, and a young population, yet many of these countries are still developing and lack economic information infrastructures. The CROSSVALUE Chain “is an autonomous decentralized network infrastructure capable of issuing true digital assets and managing information.”

If the Arab-African Women's Investment Association builds an infrastructure that takes advantage of the characteristics of the CROSSVALUE Chain, it will become a common economic infrastructure within the Arab-African region and promote the dissemination of information.

- Strategic partnerships in the field of blockchain applications in member countries of the Arab-African Women's Investment Association.
- Development and issuance of stable coins that can be used for trade settlements and general payments in the Arab-African region.
- Issuance of debit cards or creation of QR code payment systems that can be charged with stablecoins for payment.
- Development and issuance of a system for tokenization of minerals and resources.
- Development and issuance of a system for tokenization of electricity and carbon credits (emission credits).

Future Development
The CROSSVALUE Chain will be utilized in the Arab and African regions through this partnership, contributing to the realization of fair trade, streamlining the buying, selling, trading, and management of resources and energy, and dramatically increasing the liquidity of business transactions.

We are developing middleware and DApps to realize these goals and aim to deploy these systems in other regions and countries in the future.

About the Arab and African Women's Investment Union (AWIU)
Twenty-six years after its establishment, the AWIU, headquartered in Egypt, joins forces to promote cultural and economic exchange, investment in the Arab and African region, and a cycle of international cooperation for a brighter future. This is a brief summary of the AWIU's vision, but the main goal is to achieve sustainable development in two important ways: economic development and social development, The AWIU calls upon the people of the region, as well as the world, to work together for a better future through mutual exchange and understanding through joint investment, two-way trade, and tourism promotion, all of which play an important role in sustainable economic development, by future generations of Arabs and Africans.

Company Profiles
Location: Unit No: RET-R5-089 Detached Retail R5 Plot No: JLT-PH2-RET-R5 Jumeirah Lakes Towers Dubai United Arab Emirates
Representative: Tokuro Uhara, Co-founder

[NPO ISIS Committee (ISIS)]
Location: 3-3314 Nihonbashi Hamacho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Yukihiko Nakayama

[Japan Academic Records Co., Ltd. (JAD)]
Location: 60 Babashita-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Shoji Arai