CROSSVALUE Chain Current Status and Roadmap for XCR Listing

We would like to inform you of the current status of CROSSVALUE Chain (CVC) and the future roadmap regarding the listing of XCR.

[Roadmap to Main Net Public Offering and XCR Listing]
1. CVC node selection & setup (in progress)
2. Blockchain Protocol Code Audit (ongoing)
3. Listing evaluation & listing (partially in progress)

1. CVC Node Selection & Setup
The CVC protocol has already been completed and is now in the node construction phase. The selection of nodes is the foundation of the CVC network, and their quality and reliability will determine the overall value, utility, and stability of the CVC.

We have identified the Middle East-Arab world, Asia, and the United States as our target markets, and are actively pursuing expansion in these regions. We focus on attracting node entry from sectors that fit the CVC concept, such as natural resources, electricity, gas, real estate, and securities-related businesses, as well as government.

In particular, we are recruiting and attracting participation in the DACS node from governments and companies that feel challenges related to storage permanence or want to avoid dependence on big tech (GAFAM) for data storage. It is difficult to give an exact date for the completion of this task because of the partners, but we plan to close the initial recruitment in about two months.

2. Code Audit
Before mainnet release, an external code audit is conducted to ensure the safety and reliability of the system. If vulnerabilities or bugs are found by this audit, we will modify the code. Normally, the code audit takes about a month to complete, but we work in parallel to ensure code modifications do not cause unnecessary work in node setup.

3. Listing Evaluation and Listing
As soon as items 1 and 2 above are completed, we will list XCR, CVC's governance token, on Cryptocurrency exchanges, with the highest priority on the stability and value enhancement of CVC's network and a solid node configuration and audit. We will keep you posted on our progress as we set up 1 and 2.

Advantages of CVC
CROSSVALUE Chain (CVC) is a public blockchain with autonomous decentralized storage integration to overcome the current challenges of blockchain technology and manage the issuance of true digital assets. While many existing blockchains face difficulties in handling content data tied to NFTs with large data volume, CVC enables the issuance of true digital assets through the integration of autonomous decentralized storage. In addition, the combination of autonomous decentralized content storage (DACS) and decentralized wallets (Xwallet) will provide autonomous decentralized infrastructure capabilities to store and control data beyond the limits of traditional blockchain.

We look forward to the success of CVC and strengthening our partnerships with various industries on this basis. We appreciate your continued support and look forward to working with you.