CROSSTECH DMCC Announces Business Partnership with NFTStudio24
- Accelerates Global CROSSVALUE Chain Promotion

CROSSTECH DMCC today announces a new business alliance with media platform NFTStudio24.

This partnership creates new opportunities to accelerate the global expansion of the CROSSVALUE Chain (CVC). Combining the strengths of both companies and exploring new possibilities together, this partnership will stimulate the overseas promotion of CVC.

NFTStudio24 is a media platform providing up-to-date information on the mainstream and emerging worlds of NFTs, the Metaverse, decentralization, cryptography and blockchain. Its informative and broad reach broadcasts have received accolades globally. With this partnership, CROSSTECH will have a strong media partner to communicate and potentially broaden the CROSSVALUE Chain globally.

As part of this partnership, CROSSTECH will enjoy the following benefits,
 ・Increase CVC awareness, engagement, and adoption.
 ・Take full advantage of NFTStudio24's extensive media resources.
 ・Receive extensive marketing support, including regular SNS promotions and special SNS visual content.

The CROSSTECH team is confident this partnership will bring the possibilities and information of the CROSSVALUE Chain to a wider audience. We are very excited about this new partnership with NFTStudio24 and look forward to working with them as a trusted partner who shares and supports our vision.

We believe this new partnership will take the CROSSVALUE Chain to a new level, creating more business opportunities and further strengthening our global visibility and influence.

About NFTStudio24:
English: https://nftstudio24.com/
Japanese: https://jp.nftstudio24.news/

CVC Team