CROSSVALUE Chain Global Hackathon in Hanoi Event Report!

We are pleased to introduce the very first CROSSVALUE Chain Global Hackathon held in Hanoi, Vietnam from June to August 2023.

The theme of this hackathon was the development of an application on the CVC Testnet (KURA), which precedes the CROSSVALUE Chain (CVC) mainnet deployment.

The hackathon was evaluated by the following judges:

Tokuro Uhara (CROSSTECH CEO & Co-founder)
Yuma Tanimoto (CROSSTECH CSO & Co-founder)
Ikeda Hideki (Zaif CTO & Diector)
Dr. Dang Minh Tuan (Vietnam Blockchain Union Chairman)
Duong Thanh Hai (Icetea Labs & GameFi.org CTO)
Dr. Hiro Takahashi (CROSSVALUE Chain Chief Architect) *Participated only in pre-screening

Many people were interested in the contest from the start of the call for entries, and in the end, 63 teams entered the competition. It should be noted 19 of the entries were student teams where the winners were selected from among the best contestants.

The projects making it to the final round were all very talented developers, and the heated pitches at the demo day made for a very heated event, with the rankings shifting until the very last minute.

Without a doubt, they will grow into projects that will strongly contribute to the CVC ecosystem in the future.

Below are the project summaries of the wonderful winners.

Award-winning teams (in quotations is the “product name”)

Grand Prize: Avengers “AvengersFI”

AvengersFi is a pioneering decentralized finance (DeFi) platform, playing a pivotal role within the CROSSVALUE Chain (CVC) Ecosystem, and reshaping the lending and staking landscape. Driven by open-source, patent-free protocols, AvengersFi is on a mission to empower users with innovative lending and staking mechanisms, enabling them to earn Wrapped XCR (wXCR) token. The platform's peer-to-peer NFT lending allows users to capitalize on their valuable NFTs and Token Bound Accounts, unlocking significant wXCR rewards. Simultaneously, the liquidity pool offers a profitable opportunity for users to stake assets, earn interest from lending activities, and benefit from voting rewards and potential liquidation profits. Seamlessly integrated into the CVC Ecosystem, AvengersFi ensures reliability and transparency through Voting Proof of Work (vPoW) consensus and J-Nodes participation. With an intelligent data management approach utilizing Decentralized Autonomous Cloud Storage (DACS), the platform optimizes efficiency, minimizes fees, and strengthens the DeFi sector within the CVC Ecosystem. As a leading force in the DeFi revolution, AvengersFi drives financial growth, user empowerment, and wider adoption of wXCR, transforming the financial landscape in the blockchain world.

2nd Prize: Holatech “CVCLend”

CVCLend is a cutting-edge decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol built on the CROSSVALUE Chain, revolutionizing the way users lend and borrow cryptocurrencies. By providing an algorithmic money market, CVCLend empowers crypto enthusiasts to lend their digital assets and earn interest while enabling others to borrow these assets through a seamless and trustless process. With CVCLend, users can explore a world of financial opportunities with instant liquidity and non-custodial control of their funds. The platform's interest rates are dynamically determined, adjusting in real-time based on supply and demand dynamics, ensuring an efficient and balanced lending ecosystem. Governed by its native governance token, CVCLend offers users the power to propose and vote on protocol changes, making it a community-driven and transparent DeFi solution. Step into the future of decentralized finance with CVCLend and unlock the full potential of your crypto assets.

3rd Prize: VBI “Cross-port”

We are Team VBI-01, and we are excited to introduce our breakthrough solution. Seamlessly transitioning Web2 to Web3, we create a unified passport through social platforms, enabling easy access for Web2 users to enter Web3.
🌐 Smooth Onboarding: With VBI-01's integration, onboarding becomes simple, guiding users seamlessly across Web2 and Web3.
🔐 Enhanced Security: VBI-01 incorporates established social media identities, adding an extra layer of protection and improving interactions in the Web3 ecosystem.
🔗 Seamless Connectivity: VBI-01's fluid identity solutions bridge the Web2-Web3 gap, enabling effortless movement between environments.
🚀 Driving Web3 Adoption: VBI-01's user-centric approach accelerates Web3 technology acceptance, fueling growth across the Web3 landscape.
VBI-01 signifies innovation, harmonizing Web2 and Web3. In the CROSSVALUE Chain ecosystem, it enhances user experience, reinforces security, and promotes decentralized technology adoption. Prepare for an unmatched digital revolution!

4th Prize: Puzzle Mint “Puzzle Mint”

We are Puzzle Mint, the trailblazer in digital creativity and advertising. We're leveraging the power of blockchain and NFTs to revolutionize the way you express and promote yourself. Imagine a colossal canvas of a million pixels, each one a unique piece of digital art you can own, personalize, and even sell. We're not just innovating in art, but transforming advertising into a dynamic and transparent process. By integrating advanced technologies like AI and Chainlink's Cross-Chain Interoperability Protocol (CCIP), we ensure a seamless, secure, and personalized user experience. But we're not all about tech; we're committed to social responsibility too. Each transaction on Puzzle Mint contributes to a greener future. So, are you ready to join us in reshaping the digital landscape with Puzzle Mint?

5th Prize: FUGW “Riskless Lending and Marketplace”

Hi everyone, my name is Hoang, come from FUGW team. Our application is Riskless Lending & Marketplace, which is a place that users can come and make offers, borrow offers against their NFT from each NFT collection pool and buy, sell, offer for NFTs in marketplace. Moreover, we provide Visa & Paypal payment method to purchase NFT, make it easier for user come from web2.0 when using web3.0. We also provide an airdrop place where users can come and check-in everyday to receive token bonus, then use token bonus for trading into XCR and NFTs. Our application use Solidity v0.8.19, React.js with Mantine and Golang for the backend system. In the near future, we will bring you guys more traditional payment method, integrate the Lending system so that users can also use traditional payment method to make offers and pay for loan. We would like to improve our airdrop system into a quiz & check-in website, where users can come and do some quizzes about NFT projects listed on our website and gain airdrop from them. Thank you!

Sponsors and Cooperators
E-koios: https://ekoios.vn/
Vietnam Blockchain Union: https://blockchainunion.vn/en
Web3 space: https://www.web3space.network/

CVC Team