CROSSVALUE Chain Explorer CVCscan (Testnet) is Released

We are pleased to announce the release of CVCscan (testnet), a blockchain explorer under development at CROSSVALUE Chain (CVC).

It visualizes information on the CVC blockchain and provides the following functions:

1. Block information: provides detailed information including block number, timestamp, number of transactions, gas usage, etc.

2. Transaction Information: provides detailed information including transaction hash, status, gas price, block number, etc.

3. Address Information: Provides transaction history and balance information associated with a specific CVC address.

Each item on CVCscan (testnet) can be accessed from the following website:

- Homepage: https://testnet.cvcscan.com

- List of transactions: https://testnet.cvcscan.com/txs

- Transaction details (not including ERC20/ERC721 token transaction details): https://testnet.cvcscan.com/tx/{address}

    Example: https://testnet.cvcscan.com/tx/0xc6ceeb84576c7a5dabc2dea3d5481ce7454fd7ad5ff016c73484da2fe25615f5

- Pending transactions: https://testnet.cvcscan.com/pending-transactions

- Transactions inside the contract: https://testnet.cvcscan.com/contract-internal-transactions

- Block list: https://testnet.cvcscan.com/blocks

- Block details: https://testnet.cvcscan.com/block/{blockNumber}

    Example: https://testnet.cvcscan.com/block/45032

Through the use of CVCscan, CVC has made it easier for users to access information on the blockchain and view transaction and block details. We are committed to providing a more secure environment with an emphasis on promoting transparency and understanding of CVC.

We will continue to improve and add features to provide a more convenient and user-friendly CVC environment. We sincerely appreciate your tremendous support and cooperation.

CVC Team