Notice Concerning Schedule for CROSSVALUE Chain Mainnet Release

Dear Community,

It is with great pleasure we are able to share this important announcement regarding the release schedule of the CROSSVALUE Chain (CVC) mainnet.

We have been working day and night to ensure the CVC mainnet meets the highest standards and community expectations, and as a result, we expect to successfully complete the development of the CVC mainnet by June 30, 2023.

In addition, we have set the release date to be after the end of the hackathon (to be announced at a later date) to allow us to further polish up on the CVC mainnet. This includes the intention to allow time to incorporate feedback from the hackathon which will take place on the Testnet.

The hackathon is an important process to further improve the quality we strive for and to build a developer community, and the results of the hackathon will be reflected in the mainnet to provide the best possible experience for our developers.

The time frame adjustments, including this hackathon, will allow us to further refine our product and, as a result, bring even more value to you. We will do our best to leverage this additional time frame to ensure CVC exceeds your expectations.

In addition, XCR, CVC's native token, will be listed after the mainnet public offering. Specific dates will be announced after coordination with the respective exchanges.

Your support and trust is our driving force and we are truly looking forward to taking this exciting new step together.

Thank you for your support and trust.

CVC Team