CROSSVALUE Chain Testnet Experience:
CVC Launch NFT Acquisition Campaign

CROSSVALUE Chain (CVC) is offering a special opportunity for those who test out the testnet before mainnet launches to the public to earn the very first CVC Launch NFT. Stay tuned.


6/21/2023 ~ 7/30/2023

Campaign Details

This campaign is designed for users to experience the CVC.

Participants will use the CVC Testnet to obtain Testnet tokens (XCR). They can then earn CVC Launch NFT by completing all missions including generating CVC transactions.

CVC NFTs will be distributed after mainnet launch.

Campaign page: https://zealy.io/c/crosstech/questboard
Complete all missions listed on CROSSTECH’s Zealy page.

Step 1: Follow & Retweet on Twitter

Follow CROSSTECH on Twitter.(https://twitter.com/crosstech_main)

Then retweet the following tweet.(https://twitter.com/crosstech_main/status/1671558955255099392)

Step 2: Login to Metamask

* This is necessary to access the CVC testnet.

If you do not have Metamask, you can download and install it here: (https://metamask.io/download/)

Step 3: Load the CVC Testnet

Once you have installed Metamask, load the CVC testnet.
The procedure will be as follows

Click on the Networks button:

Click on “Add network”:

Click on “Add a network manually”:

Insert the following CVC Testnet information:

Network Name: CVC-Testnet
RPC URL: https://rpc-kura.cross.technology
Chain ID: 5555
Currency Symbol: XCR

Step 4: Obtain test tokens via Discord

Once you have loaded the CVC Test Net, retrieve your test token through Discord. Join the Discord server "CVC Test-faucet" and follow the instructions.

- Navigate to the CVC Discord’s - ‘testnet-faucet’

- in the chat box type “ /faucet “, then click on the command prompt to select it:

- copy and paste your Metamask address to receive CVC testnet tokens:

You will then receive 0.5 XCR tokens. Tesnet tokens are claimable from the faucet once every 24 hours.

Step 5: Make a transaction (Tx)

Once you have test tokens, perform a testnet transaction on the CVC Testnet. To do so, transfer 0.1 XCR of test tokens from your "CVC Testnet address" (your MetaMask address) to the designated CVC Testnet address listed in Zealy:

Destination CVC Testnet address:

Then post your TxID (transaction ID) in Zealy's Quest.

That is all.
Make sure you have completed all the missions listed on CROSSTECH Zealy, the CVC Launch NFT will be distributed after the CVC mainnet is released.

This is a special opportunity to earn your first exclusive CVC Launch NFT! We hope you will join us.