CROSSTECH DMCC and Caica Exchange Co., Ltd. Agree on Business Partnership - Aiming to Strengthen Market Competitiveness through Collaboration in a Wide Range of Fields, from Business Support to New Business Development -

CROSSTECH DMCC, developer of the CROSSVALUE Chain (Headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, co-founded by Tokuro Uhara) and Caica Exchange Corporation, which operates cryptocurrency exchange Zaif (Headquartered in Araki-cho, Kishiwada city, Osaka, represented by Shin Suzuki), have agreed on a business partnership.

Background and contents of this partnership

Through this business partnership, we aim to expand our businesses and strengthen market competitiveness. Both parties agree to cooperate comprehensively and flexibly in the following areas:

1. Business Support: support each other's businesses, providing advice and assistance in operations and strategy. This includes conducting market research and analyzing customer needs, as well as supporting the development and execution of strategies.

2. Development Support: cooperate in technology development, engaging in joint development and technical assistance. Both parties will share expertise and know-how in blockchain and financial technology development, aiming to build more efficient and secure platforms.

3. Resource Disclosure: share resources (personnel, facilities, funds, etc.) as needed to streamline their businesses, enabling cost reductions and expedited project realization.

4. Sharing of Insight: share knowledge and information related to the industry, aiming to improve competitiveness. Both parties agree to exchange the latest industry trends and technology information in a collaborative manner.

5. Mutual Advice: provide advice to one another, sharing points for improvement in management and business operations. Both parties will hold regular meetings to propose improvements and efficiency measures, sharing management issues and seeking solutions.

6. Joint Promotion Marketing: jointly carry out marketing activities to improve brand recognition and expand their customer base. Both parties will jointly conduct promotions and advertising campaigns, aiming to widely communicate the appeal of both companies' products and services.

7. New Business Development: work on the development of new つbusinesses, providing new value to the market. Both parties will develop innovative services and solutions using financial and blockchain technology, creating innovations that meet customer needs.

8. Contribute to Liquidity: improve the liquidity of the services they offer, providing a better trading experience for users. Real-time information sharing and integration of transaction data will enable smooth transactions and contribute to improved user convenience.

Through this business partnership, CROSSTECH DMCC and Caica Exchange Co., Ltd. aim to contribute to the development of the entire industry while providing added value to their customers by leveraging each other's strengths. Both agree to continue to deepen their collaboration and strive to advance financial technology and improve market competitiveness through innovative initiatives. Also, a continued focus on improving services for customers and providing a secure and safe trading environment will be at hand.

Company Profiles

Location: Unit No: 1426, DMCC Business Centre, Level No 1, Jewellery & Gemplex 3, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Representative: Co-founder, Tokuro Uhara
Website: https://cross.technology/

Caica Exchange Co., Ltd.
Location: 2-18-15, Arakicho, Kishiwada City, Osaka Prefecture, Japan
Representative: President/CEO, Shin Suzuki
Website: https://corp.zaif.jp/en/