CROSSTECH and Scalably Agree to Strategic Partnership for Marketing and Product Collaboration

CROSSTECH DMCC (Dubai, CEO: Tokuro Uhara, hereinafter CROSSTECH), which is developing the storage-integrated Layer 1 blockchain CROSSVALUE Chain (hereinafter, CVC), has entered into a strategic partnership (hereinafter, this partnership) for marketing and product collaboration with Scalably Inc. (Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Junya Yamamoto, hereinafter Scalably), which is developing Web3 marketing solution Ecomedia.

Background of this partnership

CROSSTECH has been independently designing and developing products in the Web3 field since the early stages and is preparing for the launch of the CVC mainnet in June 2023. Scalably has been involved in efforts to support events and information dissemination, including CVC and its ecosystem, since June 2022. Additionally, Scalably is preparing for the beta release of its in-house product, EcoMedia, in the first half of 2023. As both companies are nearing their product releases, they have entered into this partnership to accelerate their adoption.

Contents of this partnership

This partnership will involve cooperation in marketing and product collaboration.

Marketing: Both companies will jointly conduct PR activities such as press releases, events, and campaigns to expand the reach of their audiences.

Product Collaboration: Both companies will discuss the adoption of each other's products to expand use cases.


CROSSTECH DMCC aims to build the world's largest autonomous, decentralized blockchain infrastructure, the CROSSVALUE Chain, and its ecosystem. CROSSVALUE Chain addresses the challenges of decentralized storage in the growing asset token market and realizes the widespread adoption of secure and safe blockchain technology. CROSSTECH also focuses on UX in planning and developing cutting-edge technology to make it more convenient and accessible.

CROSSTECH website: https://cross.technology/jp/
CROSSTECH Twitter (English): https://twitter.com/crosstech_main
CROSSTECH Twitter (Japanese): https://twitter.com/CROSSTECH_JP

About Scalably Inc.

Scalably Inc. is a tech company developing the borderless marketing and community solution EcoMedia. By leveraging information technology, Scalably enables international community formation and operation, creating a world where communities and businesses meet and connect across borders based on shared interests.

Scalably website: https://scalably.com
Scalably Twitter: https://twitter.com/ScalablyInc

Through this partnership, CROSSTECH and Scalably will strengthen their marketing and product collaboration, aiming for further growth in the Web3 market. Both companies will contribute to the popularization of blockchain technology-based products and services and work on creating new value.