Presentation on "Implementation of Smart Contracts on Autonomous Decentralized Voting Blockchains" at the ISADS 2023 International Conference, the Premier Conference on Autonomous Decentralized Systems

Ph.D. Hironao Takahashi, Chief Architect of the CROSSVALUE Chain (CVC), presented an international paper on "Implementation of Smart Contracts on Autonomous Decentralized Voting Blockchain" at the ISADS2023 International Conference on Autonomous Decentralized Systems on March 16, 2023. The paper was presented at ISADS 2023, the premier conference on autonomous decentralized systems.

ISADS stands for "International Symposium on Autonomous Decentralized Systems," an international gathering of researchers, experts, and industry professionals in the field of autonomous decentralized systems to share and discuss the latest research results and technological trends. It is an international academic conference where researchers, experts, and industry gather to share and discuss the latest research results and technological trends in autonomous decentralized systems.

This is the fourth international paper to be accepted, following "Sustainable NFT Blockchain Storage for High Availability and Security," which was accepted on October 18, 2022.

Paper Title: Implementation of Smart Contract on Autonomous Decentralized Voting Blockchain

In this presentation, we presented an autonomous decentralized Layer-1 blockchain with a voting-based transaction confirmation policy and its smart contract implementation, which received great resonance from universities and researchers around the world.

The technology uses a hash-based file system to manage its own storage nodes for NFT transactions, allowing high-resolution NFT images and all types of content to be stored within the blockchain and their hash values to be maintained. The system is currently under development and will be implemented in the CROSSVALUE Chain (CVC).

Receiving a positive evaluation at ISADS is a great achievement for CROSSTECH. We look forward to continued growth of CROSSTECH.

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