We will hold an online meet-up for the public blockchain CROSSVALUE Chain, scheduled to be launched by CROSSTECH.

On the day of the event, Dr. Takahashi, designer of the chain, and Mr. Uhara, who is in charge of expanding the chain’s operations, will discuss details of CROSSVALUE Chain.

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12/20/2021 11:00 UTC~

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What is CROSSTECH and XCR?

CROSSTECH is a blockchain project with an eye on WEB 3.0, aiming to build the world's largest independent distributed network.

In the world CROSSTECH views, all things and services are tokenized and exchanged in the Internet and Metaverse space.

CROSSVALUE Chain developed by CROSSTECH is an autonomous decentralized blockchain network realizing value exchange suitable for WEB 3.0.

The autonomous decentralized technology adopted by CROSSVALUE Chain is a technology originating in Japan, which was invented by Dr. Mori (Professor Emeritus of Waseda University) in 1978, and was used in the Japanese Shinkansen and Suica systems. Autonomous decentralized technology is used as a core for AI technology and WEB 3.0.

CROSSVALUE Chain is about to release its mainnet and issue its XCR token, the governance token.
In addition, we will hold a CROSSTECH seminar to give users a better understanding of the overall vision of CROSSTECH. We will explain in detail the topics XCR holders want to hear about during the webinar.

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Online Meet-up Details

- Tokuro Uhara - Profile
Cofounder of CROSSTECH, the managing entity of CROSSVALUE Chain, aims to build the world's largest autonomous decentralized network.

- Prof. Hiro Takahashi, Ph.D. - Profile
Completed Doctoral degree at Graduate School of Information Science and Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology
Completed Master's degree at the Graduate School of Information Science and Engineering, Tokyo University of Science
Visiting Researcher, Faculty of Human Environment, University of Tokyo Visiting Professor, NUST SEECS (Islamabad)
Professor, Junna Women's University (Karachi) Professor, University of Greenwich (Karachi), ORIC Director
Elected as the first president of the Blockchain Academic Council since 2018


2021年12月20日 20:00JST 〜


・Intro to CROSSVALUE Chain: Business
・Intro to CROSSVALUE Chain: Technology

・CROSSTECH HP: https://cross.technology/
・CROSSTECH Twitter: https://twitter.com/crosstech_main
・CROSSVALUE Chain website: https://sustainable.cross.technology/crosstech/technology