Dr. Takahashi will be a Guest Speaker at the G7-G20 Related International Virtual Summit and be Present the Exhibit’s CROSSTECH Booth

Dr. Takahashi, who spearheads the development of CROSSVALUE Chain, Xwallet, and DASS (distributed autonomous storage system), has decided to be a guest speaker at the global summit related to the G7-G20 with other global experts.

CROSSTECH will exhibit a virtual booth introducing ongoing projects and unique technologies.

This virtual summit has partnered with the Group of Nations, which has published official magazines of international summits for the G7-G20 for the past 25 years and has worked with research institutions such as universities and government agencies on themes related to the G7-G20 summit. Experts of selected categories will be on stage as speakers.

In addition to the lectures, a virtual booth has been set up, where anyone can participate in the summit, check information on institutions and companies, and make direct contact with us.

We hope you look forward to the information on CROSSTECH being announced alongside the world's experts and institutions.

Dr. Takahashi takes the stage with the Group of Nations G7-G20 "Solutions through Inclusivity" fully immersive virtual Summit

The contents of the CROSSTECH booth will open at the same time as the virtual summit (2011/11/17), so you can take a look there.

CROSSTECH Dr. Takahashi's stage contents

  • Blockchain for a Sustainable future.
  • Introduction of the mechanism of a sustainable blockchain (CROSSVALUE Chain)

Group of Nations G7-G20 "Solutions through Inclusivity" fully immersive virtual Summit details

Official website: https://groupofnationsg7-g20.kestoneglobal.com/register/ Period: 2021/11/17 ~ (Available for 30 days) Participation fee: $ 149

Summit Topics


  • Climate change
  • Trading/Investing
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Finance
  • Sustainability
  • B20 & W20
  • Socio-economics and entrepreneurship
  • Development/Industry
  • Health Care
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)

As previously announced, CROSSTECH will strengthen the technology of the CROSSVALUE Chain, which will release its mainnet from the beginning to the middle of next year, simultaneously bringing convenience and differentiation from other chains with new technology related to NFTs. We have applied for a patent for the above and adopted and published an international paper at the IEEE as technical support.

We are pleased to inform you that our technical and project content were published in the Group of Nations official G20 magazine held in Italy previously, as well as being invited as participants to the G7-G20 related virtual summit. *The G20 Magazine Group of nations will be published around November 15th.

We will be a guest speaker at the G7-G20 related global summit with global experts and we will promote the CROSSTECH project and its original technology globally.