IEEE International Paper Presentation Notice

Thank you for your support of CROSS TECH. At CROSSTECH, an international paper on a new technology related to "CROSSVALUE Chain", which is an original blockchain under development on the mainnet, is published by the world's largest academic research organization (academic society) in the field of electrical and information engineering, headquartered in the United States. We are pleased to inform you the international paper has been adopted by the IEEE (https://www.ieee.org/), a standardization body, where the paper was published on October 13th.
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This is the second time the international treatise has been adopted, following the adoption of security technology related to Xwallet in 2019, providing technical support for the patented technology that was applied for and accepted the other day.
The IEEE is the world's largest technology standardization organization in the field of electrical and information engineering, and the international paper adoption by this organization is recognized worldwide for the development concept and technical capabilities of CROSSTECH, and CROSSVALUE Chain is the world standard technology for blockchain technology.
It will be a powerful backing to fly over the world

The contents of this international treatise are as follows:

Title: “Voting blockchain for High Security NFT”

Treatise Summary

  • Designing a secure NFT blockchain to avoid mistakes in sending tokens and making payment mistakes
  • How J-node confirms transactions using its own voting system
  • Generation of sustainable NFT blockchain by new PoW mining by a voting method

CROSSVALUE Chain aims to be the best blockchain for generating NFTs. It is designed by CROSSTECH's development concept of "to tokenize everything and enable exchange of value".

CROSSVALUE Chain eliminates the inconvenience of current NFT issuance, management, and operational issues.

The biggest feature is the blockchain, wallet, and file storage can be connected by tokens and controlled, with all elements packageable by the user through the wallet. CROSSVALUE Chain has also developed an innovative mining algorithm that allows users to participate in and prevent erroneous transmissions without a complicated mining computer.

CROSSTECH plans to promote the social implementation of CROSSVALUE Chain and build a true blockchain infrastructure by forming the XCR token ecosystem.