Voting for 4/15 CROSS Project 'Reborn'

The CROSS project will be reborn and will gradually integrate each service and product into a new platform.

A user vote will be held on April 15th regarding our rebirth with the results being reflected in future CROSS project management policies and product development.

It will be an important vote in deciding our future direction, so highly encourage you to participate.
We hope you look forward to our rebirth and new start.

About User Votes

・This user vote will be held on the site indicated
・Each person can participate with 1 vote
・The amount of XEX / KOIN / XCR held by the user will be considered in the voting results
・Please enter your registered e-mail address of CROSS exchange & Koindex
* Please note that email addresses without multiple votes and KYC registrations will be invalid votes.

Voting Period

・ From April 15, 2021 9:00:00 UTC to April 25, 2021 8:59:59 UTC

How we will factor in the amount of XEX/KOIN/XCR owned

・ One vote for each coin XEX, KOIN, & XCR.
(e.g. 100 XEX = 100 votes)
* The amount of XEX burned will also count. The amount of permanently locked coins will not be counted.

Vote Results

・Voting results will be published within 7 days after the voting period ends.

We will continue to attempt to reflect the needs of users and provide better services. We look forward to your participation and future support.