[Crucial] Vote for CROSS Project ‘Reborn’

Starting April 15, 2021, CROSS will be ‘reborn’ with a major renewal of the project.

Why ‘Reborn’ now?

From 2018 to the present, we have announced various blockchain products together with consortium companies and members.

Trends in the blockchain industry are changing more rapidly since we launched, with even greater efforts and new ideas being imperative to survive in this space.

Our whitepaper, written over three years ago, incorporates the ideas and concepts of semi-centralized exchanges, DeFi, and NFTs, which are currently mainstream in the crypto space. Foresight is proven by looking at the current market conditions.

That doesn't mean all services and products created by us will be successful.

In the fast-changing blockchain industry, services and products have a fast life cycle, and services and products that were popular today may not be popular tomorrow.

Even with CROSS exchange, our first deployed project, there were many aspects of our product where we could not respond quickly to changes in market trends.

We will be ‘reborn’ as we analyze the entire project based on past management experience.

How will the CROSS Project change?

We have developed many systems to date and own those systems as working assets.

We will reorganize and restructure the assets to create a new market.

Specifically, instead of aiming to build an ecosystem centered on board trading, we will create an environment in which the XCR chain can be used more flexibly.

Part of our blockchain related system developments:

・ Cryptocurrency exchange/platform
・ Cryptocurrency P2P transactions
・ Distributed security electronic wallets (patented)
・ Automatic token issuance function
・ Node development and operation
・ Crypto asset settlement KIOSK terminal
・ Mall construction system that enables crypto asset settlements
… etc.

We will build a platform that integrates these assets and introduce the semi-centralized decentralized financial service Hy-Defi (Hybrid Defi), which is our goal.

Hy-Defi will facilitate user access to decentralized financial services (DeFi), which can be complicated to operate, and will build a platform that makes it easy for users unfamiliar with blockchain-related services to benefit financially from the blockchain.

Vote to Reborn CROSS project

‘Reborn’ voting will be held on April 15th and future management policies will be decided based on the voting.

From that day on, we will be ‘reborn’ as a new CROSS where each service and product will be gradually integrated into the new platform.

This will be a crucial voting, so we expect many users to participate.

Details of ‘Reborn’ 4/15 Participation will be decided by April 7th and will be announced on this website.

We hope you all look forward to the start of a new CROSS project.