Announcement of “3rd International Paper Adoption for the CROSSVALUE Chain”

The entire CROSS project documentation is largely structured consisting of 2,700 pages. A part of the construction technology has been accepted as an International Paper.

About International Paper authors and people involved in the CROSS project concept

(1) Dr. Hirohisa Takahashi, a leading expert in research on autonomous decentralization with push/pull type multi-layer cache structures for blockchain realization.

Doctorate in Engineering Hirohisa Takahashi
Preston University Professor
Computer Science Division Professor
Doctorate in Engineering Hirohisa Takahashi

(2) Dr. Takahashi is a globally active researcher who is a senior member of the international expert organization “IEEE” in the electrical and electronics fields.

*The meaning of IEEE
The world's largest specialized organization in the electrical and electronics fields, mainly acting as an academic society in engineering and as a standardization organization for industrial technology. The IEEE itself is an organization established in the United States with more than 400,000 members in 160 countries around the world, including international organizations that operate outside the United States and have branches in each country.

(3) There are three conditions for becoming a senior member at the IEEE.

  1. Must be an engineer, scientist, educator, technical manager or founder within the field specified by the IEEE.
  2. Must have at least 10 years of professional experience.
  3. Must have achieved excellent achievement status for a minimum of 5 years during the 10 years.

(4) The title of a senior member, which is given only to those who cleared these strict conditions during peak difficulty of the IEEE, was awarded to Dr. Takahashi who earned it building the structure of the CROSS project.

Details of International Papers

(1) The first international paper on Dr. Takahashi's research was published in the Netherlands during April 2019.

Published paper content
Secure Sharing for Cryptocurrency Wallet in Autonomous Decentralized Multi Layered Cache System

(2) In addition, the second and third international papers have already been accepted and will be published at GCCE 2019 in Osaka during October 2019.

Details of the Osaka GCCE 2019

The patents related to the CROSSVALUE Chain Ecosystem

(1) An “Electronic Tally Operation System” for which a patent application has already been filed on March 5, 2019

(2) The company has signed a partnership with XBANK that allows CROSS to manage the patent rights of the electronic tally Wallet, which is expected to attract attention in the blockchain world.

Future CROSS project concepts

(1) The critical mission of the CROSS project is to create “strong security”. One form of the project is the X wallet.

(2) The X wallet is under development and will be released by the end of FY2019.

(3) With the birth of the X Wallet, a major step can be taken towards the realization of value exchange for everything that the CROSS project has to offer.

(4) CROSS plans on continuing to evolve, with the X wallet as a base.

* What kind of concept is Dr. Takahashi involved in with the CROSS project?
You can also check the following video, including a brief overview of his third International Paper:
Note) Dr. Takahashi and XBANK are external partners who undertake the CROSS architecture division.
It is not a department that operates at CROSS.