CROSS Value Chain Association Establishment and Application

CROSSTECH, the core developer of the CROSS Value Chain (hereinafter referred to as "CVC"), announces the establishment of the CROSS Value Chain Association (hereinafter referred to as "CVC Association") for the purpose of promoting the use of CVC and expanding the CVC economic zone.

What is the CROSS Value Chain Association?

An association aiming to promote business participation in Web3 by companies and organizations using the CVC, "the Web3 blockchain enabling true asset transfers.”

CVC Association Benefits

The CVC provides a mechanism to benefit from the XCR token economy by expanding its economic sphere through proactive initiatives and private information exchanges with the core development organizations of the CVC, including service development, surveys, research, and opinion exchange using CVC and DACS (Decentralized Autonomous Contents Storage).


  • Creation of service and business opportunities through CVC
  • Technical support for developers
  • Disseminating information and holding study sessions for participants to share use cases
  • Providing matching opportunities such as joint business development and joint development among members
  • Collaboration with CVC communities, ambassadors and influencers

CVC Market Needs

According to a joint report by Boston Consulting and ADDX, the asset token market will climb to $16 trillion by 2030.
(Source: https://documents.addx.co/relevance_of_onchain_asset_tokenization_in_crypto_winter.pdf)

However, current blockchains and storage systems present challenges in the reliability of data repositories. While IPFS is perceived by many as a solution to this challenge, the end result is the data is hosted on a hard disk somewhere connected to the Internet, making it host-dependent. CVC provides a solution to the problem of data storage for NFTs.

CVC is a public blockchain ensuring the perpetuity of data storage of NFTs with a system that is not dependent on a specific company or project. It solves the problem of dependence on the storage host where the data is stored, thereby enabling unprecedented expansion of utility.

(Source: https://crosstech.gitbook.io/whitepaper/)

CVC Association Application Process

How to apply: Please register using this form -


We plan to open separate dedicated pages for member recruitment and member use in the future.