Our Published Paper on "DACS Storage Node" Accepted by the IEEE International Conference GCCE2022 (2022/10/18)

*Image source: https://www.ieee-gcce.org/2022/index.html

Dr. Takahashi's presentation on "DACS storage node" was accepted as an international paper at the GCCE2022, the world's largest academic research organization and technical standardization body in the field of electrical and information engineering based in the United States.

Program for 2022 IEEE 11th Global Conference on Consumer Electronics (GCCE)

Paper presented on October 18, 2022.

This is the third international paper to be accepted, following the acceptance of his "Voting blockchain for High Security NFTs" in 2021.

The contents of this year's international paper are as follows:

Title: Sustainable NFT Blockchain Storage for High Availability and Security

Abstract: We proposed a Sustainable Generation Manager (SGM) for maintaining storage availability on the blockchain. SGM provides availability and data integrity for large NFT content data for the NFT’s blockchain.

This technology ensures data perpetuity and is planned for implementation on the CROSS Value Chain (CVC), currently under mainnet development.

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