CROSS Value Chain (CVC) Whitepaper Vol. 1.0 Release Notice

Today we have released the CROSS Value Chain (CVC) whitepaper and POA Test-net beta, a test development environment.

Whitepaper release page: https://crosstech.gitbook.io/whitepaper/

CROSS Value Chain is a Web3 blockchain with asset transfer capability.

Abstract for White paper

Web3 is the new Internet designation referring to the decentralized web with a tokenized economy.

The tokenized economy is not merely the exchange of liquid asset tokens, but also the transfer and exchange of illiquid assets (fixed assets) such as real estate, natural resources, land, commodities, public infrastructure, mines, ports, artwork, and private equity.

Soulbound Tokens (SBTs), which can comprise an individual's life data, medical history, education, and employment history, will also be individually identified and utilized by any person.

When assets are converted to NFTs, the value is in the data itself forming the asset's information, thus it is imperative to ensure the sustainability of data storage, rather than designing it to depend on the lifetime of the storage location.

Distributed storage, including IPFS, also faces the challenge of lifetime physical storage, which needs to be solved. We propose a solution using the CROSS Value Chain (CVC) and our Decentralized Autonomous Contents Storage (DACS) in this whitepaper.


XCR, the governor's token for the CVC, is scheduled to be released to the market at the time of mainnet release. Development status will be disclosed as needed.

For inquiries regarding this announcement, such as collaboration requests, development requests, and media coverage, please contact us via the inquiry form on our official website, Twitter, or Discord.

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Official Discord: https://discord.gg/crosstech
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