CVC Alliance NEWS: OpenSkyBlue Lab Announces 37 Vermeer Digital NFT Original Works and Releases Demo of Vermeer Metaverse NFT Museum with HTC, a virtual reality service platform, at the Blockchain EXPO Spring

OpenSkyBlue, a member of the CVC Alliance, where CROSSTECH provides blockchain technical support, has created the world's only digital NFT original drawing of 37 works by Re.CREATE Vermeer, and has started a project to engrave its value on the blockchain permanently. At the same time, the concept of the Vermeer Metaverse Museum will be announced at the 3rd Blockchain EXPO, one of the largest blockchain exhibitions in Japan.

A total of 600,000 have visited the venue for the value of Re.CREATE!
An exhibition of all 37 Vermeer works making the impossible possible.

An unprecedented exhibition was held making the impossible possible, in which all 37 works of Vermeer were exhibited. In this special exhibition, 37 Re.CREATE original pieces of Vermeer were replaced with original paintings by Vermeer where all 37 pieces could be viewed in chronological order.

At the "Kingdom of Light Exhibition" held in Ginza in 2012, 150,000 Vermeer fans visited, and after that, more than 30 special exhibitions were held all over Japan, mobilizing a total of 600,000 people over eight years. In 2012, when print art was less common than it is now, why was the non-genuine print Re.CREATE work able to mobilize so many spectators? That is the concept of interpreting and recreating contained in Re.CREATE’s work.

What is Re.CREATE of Vermeer and Digital NFT Original Paintings?

Paintings deteriorate over time and are regularly restored, and the colors painted by the author change each time. Even if the work is an ‘original,’ it does not necessarily have the original color or condition.

This work was created based on high-resolution image data provided by the Vermeer Center Delft* in Delft, the Netherlands, where Vermeer spent his life, and is a special exhibition work that mobilized a total of 600,000 people. This is the world's only 37-point digital NFT original painting of Vermeer, which was created based on the "Vermeer Kingdom of Light Exhibition".

Re.CREATE of Vermeer is not just a digital copy (reproduction) of the original picture written on canvas, but a recreation of the color of the moment painted by Johannes Vermeer more than 300 years ago (based on deep knowledge). It is a unique work that has been recreated.

Re.CREATE of Vermeer is not just a digital copy of the original on canvas. Copying and recreating are completely different things.

Re.CREATE of Vermeer is a modern image interpreting the author's intentions and the ideas, philosophies, and stories behind them in order to seek the color and light of the moment painted by Johannes Vermeer over 300 years ago. It can be said it is quite a unique digital original picture which faithfully recreates the color of Vermeer at the time by analysis technology and leaving its mark in posterity.

Reproduction is only a copy of the original picture, but Re.CREATE can revive the colors of the time when the work was drawn, transcending time and space. It is a new way of enjoying art appreciation and creating value made possible by the technique of Re.CREATE.

Left: Original / Right: Re.CREATE’s reproduction using colors of the time

NFT owners will also own "time" by incorporating a unique time leap protocol into the digital NFT original image and expressing secular variation.

A unique protocol (Time Leap Protocol) designed by Dr. Takahashi, a doctor of engineering who is one of the leading experts in decentralized technology, which can express changes over time in image data of digital NFT original images has been incorporated.

The Time Leap Protocol can programmatically reproduce from the moment Vermeer's work was made to the present and future states, making it possible to add a time axis to the image data. This allows owners of digital NFT originals to own the time of Vermeer's work, which was created over 300 years ago, in addition to the original data of Re.CREATE, such as his birthday reproduced by the Time Leap Protocol. It is also possible to appreciate Vermeer's works on the anniversary.

Vermeer Digital NFT Original Paintings Site

Opening of a Metaverse Museum, which is the world's first to reproduce all 37 Vermeer works in the Metaverse space.

OpenSkyBlue has opened the Vermeer Metaverse Museum on the latest metaverse platform VIVE Connect with HTC, a world leader in virtual reality service platforms, to experience the world of the Vermeer Kingdom of Light Exhibition globally. All 37 Vermeer digital NFT images will be exhibited.

All 37 Vermeer pieces, which you can witness anywhere else, exist as one and only digital NFT original pictures in the Metaverse space and share the value of cultural properties with the world.

The details of the partner business, including the scheduled opening date and details of the contents, will be announced at the 3rd Blockchain EXPO, and a demo of the Vermeer NFT Museum will be open to the public on that day.

Metaverse NFT Museum Teaser Site: https://opensky.blue/museum

Please come to the OpenSkyBlue booth where you can experience the future of NFTs!

Blockchain EXPO Exhibition Special Website

The 3rd Blockchain EXPO [Spring]
Date: 5/11 (WED) ~ 5/13 (FRI)
Time: 10:00 ~ 18:00 (Last day until 17:00)
Location: Tokyo Big Sight・South Exhibition Building

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Metaverse Partner
HTC HP: http://www.htc.com/
HTC VIVE Connect: https://connect.vive.com/

*What is the Vermeer Center Delft: An information center dedicated to the work of the painter Johannes Vermeer and his contemporaries in Delft, the Netherlands. The center worked with local archaeological groups and other heritage organizations to disseminate information about Delft during Vermeer's lifetime.

**DAO is an abbreviation for Decentralized Autonomous Organization, which refers to a decentralized organization which autonomously promotes projects. OpenSkyBlue is an organization operated by companies and individuals from Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, the United States, & Dubai.