Metabows Joins as New CVC Alliance Member

Metabows, an NFT Metaverse project aiming to eliminate dog cruelty, has joined the CVC Alliance.

Metabows is a project serving to solve social problems through OpenSkyBlue, also a CVC Alliance member.

Metabows aims to eliminate dog brutality through NFTs

An animal welfare project expanding its support circle by utilizing the Metaverse and NFTs to achieve “zero brutality of dogs”. Real therapy dogs and "all dogs in need of support" waiting to be culled are converted into avatars and sold as NFTs (Metabows). Metabows-ized "life-saving" dogs roam freely in the Metaverse space, building a kingdom of dogs there. The proceeds of Metabows will be managed by the Metabows Fund, which is linked to the OpenSky Blue Fund, and the investment profits will be used to continuously support affiliated organizations.

Regarding development of the second phase, we will create custom-made avatars or NFTs of dogs that are currently kept as pets or have died, as well as dogs requiring support as described above. The expected utilization is to interact with real pets in a digital space, as a way to deal with pet loss and provide a permanent memory service.

Metabows is not just an extension of the real world, it is a mechanism returning value to the real world (as the actual dog is saved), and aims to be different from other existing Metaverse projects.

The Metabows introduction video has been released with limited public relations by UNIPLAT, a CVC alliance member.
*UNIPLAT is the world's first blockchain-based donation platform. It is a platform where global entrepreneurs and supporters are matched. The supporters include well-known investors, executives of large corporations, and government officials globally.

CROSSTECH will promote the development of CROSS Value Chain and XCR by providing blockchain technology for the Metabows project.

The CVC Alliance will continue to promote the expansion of alliance partners.

Promotion for Metabows is currently limited to UNIPLAT, the world's first blockchain donation platform.
For further information, please follow UNIPLAT.