The world's largest Decentralized Autonomous Network. Together with its birth.

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The world's largest Decentralized Autonomous Network.
Together with its birth.


Who We Are

To the comingnew era of web3

CROSSTECH is a project building the world's largest autonomous decentralized blockchain infrastructure, CROSS Value Chain, and its ecosystem.

Our mission is to promote the blockchain area of web3 to the world as we plan and develop with a focus on UX with the latest technology in a convenient and comprehensible manner.

Currently, the CROSSVALUE Chain Alliance (CVC Alliance) has a foundation function and is building cutting-edge blockchain infrastructure and applications by making full use of networks with third parties and university laboratories across the globe.


CROSSVALUE Chain is the web3 era's
Token value storage/transfer/exchange infrastructure

Birth of the Token Economy : Bitcoin = Blockchain 1.0
Invention of smart contracts : Ethereum = Blockchain 2.0
Fusion of storage and blockchain : CVC = Blockchain 3.0

By combining an autonomous decentralized content storage (DACS / Decentralized Autonomous Content Storage) and a decentralized secure wallet (Xwallet) in a blockchain infrastructure, CVC is able to provide autonomous decentralized infrastructure functions by the realization of data storage and control, which was difficult to achieve with blockchain alone.
The CROSSVALUE Chain (CVC) blockchain infrastructure design is at the dawn of Blockchain 3.0.


  • Transfer

    Preventing misdirected transfers resulting in losses of valuable assets

    Existing blockchains can cause assets to disappear if money is transferred to the wrong address, and CVC is equipped with a function to prevent erroneous transfers on-chain. This mechanism minimizes the risk of loss of digital assets which cannot be replaced, such as NFTs, and enables safe and secure management of digital assets.


    The most suitable storage for NFT data

    DACS is the most suitable autonomous decentralized content storage for blockchain. DACS integrates with the blockchain and allows tokens to control NFT data. Areas that could not be addressed with current blockchains can be expanded at once by fusing the blockchain with storage. Through decentralized storage of data via the Internet, DACS eliminates the risk of control by any central administrator, reduces the risk of data loss, and enables permanent storage. DACS also makes possible the linkage of CVC mining and storage at the protocol level.

  • Xwallet

    Participate in mining just by installation

    Xwallet is an epoch-creating wallet using patented technology for private key storage. Users who have installed Xwallet can participate in the CVC mining program with no complicated mining settings and almost no energy consumption. Anyone can use the Xwallet program for dApps development. Since the nodes of the CVC are distributed by the amount of Xwallets, the ecosystem is more distributed and secure compared to a general blockchain.




  • No remittance fees

    Blockchain is very convenient, but have you ever been frustrated by the fact you are charged a fee for each transfer? Remittance fees are free for CVC! You don't have to worry about gas fees every time.

  • Autonomous decentralized blockchain using Japanese autonomous decentralized technology

    Autonomous decentralized technology was born in Japan more than 30 years before the decentralized technology Bitcoin adopted for the world. Born in Japan in 1978, this technology was used as the base technology for AI and blockchain. Dr Takahashi Ph.D, developer of CVC, is one of the inventors of this technology.

  • Refund function for erroneously remitted tokens

    Blockchain remittances can make you nervous, right? If you make a mistake in a remittance on the blockchain, chances are you won't get your funds back. Rest assured, the CVC has a token refund function. Currently, there is no other layer 1 implementing such function in their blockchain infrastructures.

  • Sustainable new mining algorithm

    New VPoW mining using voting-type patented technology that consumes only push notifications and maintains high security performance without consuming as much power as Bitcoin. VPoW is an abbreviation for Voting for Proof-of-Work, and is a protocol where anyone can participate in mining by simply installing a wallet on their smartphone.

  • NFT data control by token

    The problem with NFTs is they are not traceable to tokens and data. This is likely to create fake and can seriously undermine the value of the NFT. CVC employs an epoch-creating mechanism controlling access to the relevant data using NFTs.

  • NFT split integration technology

    NFTs are a technology where various things can be tokenized, but the actual things can be divided and integrated as well. NFT technology of CVC can use functions such as NFT division and integration as a built in standard, which were difficult to realize in the current blockchains. This greatly expands what NFTs can represent.

  • Secure NFT data storage with autonomous decentralized content storage

    Anyone can easily and safely store data associated with NFTs in DACS. DACS is a mechanism that can decentralize and store data, and has high data collateral power with a multi-layer structure patented internationally. By combining CVC with DACS, the adoptability of blockchain is enhanced.

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Alliance Members Wanted


Join us in creating the world's largest decentralized network!

CROSSTECH has established the CROSSVALUE Chain Alliance (CVC Alliance) and is recruiting members in order to build services using the CROSSVALUE Chain in a safe and highly scalable manner.
Let's work together to create new future value through digital content.
Join us in creating the world's largest decentralized network!

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Role of the CVC Alliance
In a nutshell, CVC Alliance members can be described as "global hackers who supported the Bitcoin network in its early days.
This is because the CROSSVALUE Chain is at the same early stages as when the value of Bitcoin was still only partially recognized.
The CVC Alliance works for the healthy development of the decentralized network of the CROSS Value Chain. By being actively involved in the utilization of CROSSVALUE Chain, CVC Alliance members can benefit from the value of XCR and self-issued tokens from the network, as well as increase their share of services on the network infrastructure.
CVC Alliance members will receive direct support from the development team and will be able to vote on governance decisions related to the design of the CROSSVALUE Chain infrastructure.
  • Technical support from the CROSSTECH development team
  • CROSS value Open API for specific users from the CROSSVALUE Chain
  • Voting rights on governance decisions of the CROSSVALUE Chain
  • Early access to new technical information
CVC Alliance Member Requirements
Companies, governments, organizations, and individuals who develop and use services, dApps, and DeFi using the CROSSVALUE Chain and can provide feedback of their experience to the CVC Alliance to update the CROSSVALUE Chain, making it more convenient to use.

Feel free to contact us first.
Our technical support team and consulting team will answer your questions.

CROSSTECH Acceleration Program


Gather round, digital natives!

- Our dream is to support talent and create a better autonomous decentralized society together!
CROSSTECH, the decentralized blockchain project developing the CROSS Value Chain, is running an accelerator program to support dApps and DeFi developers with great ideas.
Our goal is to support as many projects as possible, so the CROSSVALUE Chain can be implemented in society and killer contents can be created, resulting in the world's largest decentralized blockchain.

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CROSSTECH Accelerator Program Participation conditions
Venture companies and individuals who have been in business for less than 5 years who are developing dApps and DeFi via the blockchain.
Dapps and DeFi created through the CROSSTECH Acceleration Program will run on the CROSS Value Chain.
Details of CROSSTECH Acceleration Program
  • The application will be reviewed by members of CROSSTECH, the decentralized blockchain project developing the CROSSVALUE Chain.
  • After advancing past the screening, we will form a joint project team with the CROSSTECH accelerator team and start working together to implement and update the application.
  • After the launch of the application, we will conduct continuous marketing to increase awareness and adoption of the application.
Benefits of CROSSTECH Acceleration Program
  • If selected, you will receive technical, financial, and capital support worth up to 1M USD, as well as marketing and finance support through CROSSTECH's network of contacts.
  • Stock option grants of XCR, the governance token of the CROSSVALUE Chain.
  • Continuous PR marketing to increase application awareness.
  • Featured PR in the Group of Nations, which publishes the official magazine and operates the website for international summits such as the G20 and G7, and published PR in other global media.
  • Unconditional entry to the Group of Nations Tech Awards (tentative).

Feel free to contact us first.
Let's build the world's largest decentralized blockchain network together.We are looking forward to your challenge.